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The 5th Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee session to prepare a legally-binding instrument at world level on mercury (INC5) was held in Geneva, Switzerland on 13-19 January 2013. The agreement, known as the Minamata Convention on Mercury, has a call for the protection for human health and the environment from man-made emissions and releases of mercury and mercury compounds.




In order to facilitate the application of conventions, the COPs have for some years adopted a series of decisions designed to improve cooperation and coordination between the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions. In 2011, the COP adopted decisions which were substantially identical for greater cooperation and coordination in order to improve operational synergies, to strengthen long-term sustainability of the Secretariat, and improve the capacity to create coherent teams able to operate in greater depth to serve the needs of the Parties.



The Rotterdam Convention

The Rotterdam Convention on the procedure for prior informed consent applicable to certain pesticides and hazardous chemicals, the object of international trade (www.pict.int) offers its Parties. a first line of defence against hazardous chemicals. It promotes international effort for the protection of human health and the environment, and allows countries to decide whether they wish to import the hazardous chemicals or pesticides listed in the convention.


The Stockholm Convention

The Stockholm Convention is a worldwide treaty to protect human health and the environment in the face of persistent organic pollutants. Colombia, as a member country of the Convention since 2010, approved the National Implementation Plan for the application of the obligations provided for in the Convention. Colombia plays an active part in the processes of negotiation, and is working jointly with the national authorities for the next COP.


The Basel Convention

Colombia reaffirmed its commitment to environmentally-rational management of chemicals, by joining the 10th Conference of the Parties (COP10), of the Basel Convention On The Control Of Cross-Frontier Movements Of Hazardous Waste And Its Elimination, held on 17-21 October 2011 in Cartagena, Colombia. More than 700 participants, representing governments, the United Nations System, intergovernmental organizations and NGOs attended.




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