The first temporary visitor’s visa must always be processed at Colombian consulates abroad. In all other cases, it may be granted in Bogota, provided the applicant has a valid visa.

This visa may be granted to foreigners who require a temporary visitor’s visa according to Resolution 5707 of 2008 and who wishes to enter Colombia, with no intention of remaining here, in order to undertake journalistic activities to cover a special event, that is, journalists, reporters, cameramen, photographers, or persons who form part of the journalist’s team and accredit their capacity as such; to make contacts and carry out commercial or entrepreneurial activities, to participate in academic activities, seminars, conferences, symposia, exhibitions; informal courses or studies, which do not in any case exceed one academic semester; to hold interviews in a process of selection of personnel in public or private entities; for medical treatment; for unpaid sporting, scientific, artistic or cultural events; for foreigners coming to receive or provide training for public or private entities. In any event, no labor related relationship may be involved.


√    Payment for visa study of USD 50
√    Valid passport or travel document, in good condition and with a minimum of two blank pages.’
√    Two (2) recent 3x3 photographs, facing the camera, in color and against a white background.
√    Documents showing the activity which the foreigner is  to carry out in Colombia.
√    Documents evidencing that their economic capacity is sufficient for the activity or activities which they are to engage in while in Colombia.
√    If a guest, the letter or document indicating the economic solvency of the person who invited them or who assumes responsibility for the foreigner while he/she is in this country and his/her departure from it.
√    Describe the activities he/she intends to carry out in Colombia.
√    Photocopy or electronic information of the respective tickets for departure from this country.

Cost of the visa:  USD100
Places issued: Colombian Consulates abroad. Addresses at: