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The first temporary visitor’s visa must always be processed at Colombian consulates abroad. In all other cases, it may be granted in Bogota, provided the applicant has a valid visa.

This visa may be granted to foreigners who require a temporary visitor’s visa according to Resolution 5707 of 2008 and who wishes to enter Colombia, with no intention of remaining here, in order to undertake journalistic activities to cover a special event, that is, journalists, reporters, cameramen, photographers, or persons who form part of the journalist’s team and accredit their capacity as such; to make contacts and carry out commercial or entrepreneurial activities, to participate in academic activities, seminars, conferences, symposia, exhibitions; informal courses or studies, which do not in any case exceed one academic semester; to hold interviews in a process of selection of personnel in public or private entities; for medical treatment; for unpaid sporting, scientific, artistic or cultural events; for foreigners coming to receive or provide training for public or private entities. In any event, no labor related relationship may be involved.


• Present Form DP-FO-67 “Application for a visa” completely filled out and signed by the foreign applicant.

• Present a valid passport or travel document, in good condition and with a minimum of two (2) blank pages.

• Two (2) recent 3X3 cm photographs, full face front view, against a white background or, in the case of applications at a Colombian Consulate, three (3) such 3X3 photographs.

• Copy of the main page of the valid passport showing the personal details of the holder, of the page with the last Colombian visa, if any, and that of the latest entry or departure from Colombia stamp, as the case may be.

• Documents certifying the activity which the foreigner intends to carry out in Colombia, as set forth in article 13 of Decree 2622 of 2009, amended by article 43 of Decree 4000 of 2004.

• Documents certifying that the foreigner’s financial capacity is sufficient for him/her to carry out his/her activities Colombia.

• If invited, a letter or document accrediting the financial solvency of the person inviting or assuming responsibility for the foreigner, his/her stay in and departure from Colombia.

• Describe the activities it is intended to carry out in Colombia.

• Photocopy or electronic information of the respective tickets for departure from this country.


STUDY: Fifty dollars (US$50) in Colombian pesos at the average exchange rate fixed every four (4) months by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: NON-REIMBURSABLE.

VISA:  One hundred dollars (US$100) in Colombian pesos at the average exchange rate fixed every four (4) months by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This includes US$45 stamp tax.

Place issued: Avenida 19 No. 98-03, 3rd and 4th Floors, Bogota D.C.

Visa Application Form: “to request any type or category of visa or to go through a process requiring the use of a visa label (etiqueta).

Opening hours: MONDAY TO FRIDAY 7:30 am to 12:00 noon (last day of the month 7:30 am to 10:30 am).

Copy of the biographical data page of the passport and the latest visa and/or entry stamp.

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