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International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

It was created under the Agreement on International Civil Aviation, signed on December 12, 1944.

The purposes and objectives of the organization are to further the principles and techniques of international air navigation and promote development and structure to the international air transportation, in order to: a) achieve the safe and orderly development of international civil aviation worldwide; b) promote aircraft design and management techniques for peaceful purposes; c) promote the development of airways, airports, and other air navigation services and locations for international civil aviation; d) satisfy the needs of the peoples of the world regarding safe, regular, efficient and  economic air transportation; e)  to avoid economic waste caused by excessive competition, f) ensure respect for the rights of hiring States, and that each hiring State has equal opportunity to access international companies of air transportation; g) to avoid discrimination among the hiring States, h) promote flight safety in international air navigation; i) in general, to promote the development of international civil aviation in regards to all its aspects. www.icao.org