The National Development Plan 2014 – 2018 requires the largest share of expenditure in investment to be allocated to education in the next four years. In the words of President Santos, “a country needs peace, with more equity, and more and better education”.

Ministry  of Education

The Ministry is responsible for formulating national education policy, regulating and establishing criteria and qualitative technical parameters that contribute to the improvement of access, quality and equity of education, comprehensive care in early childhood and at all levels and modalities.

ICETEX is a State agency that promotes higher education through the provision of repayable loans with its own or third-party funds to those who are of limited means but offer good academic performance. It also facilitates access to educational opportunities offered by the international community to improve the quality of life of the citizens and thus contribute to the economic and social development of the country.


The Department of Cultural Affairs is responsible for planning, development and implementation of actions on cultural, educational and sports diplomacy.

These actions aim to support the international mobility of Colombian artists, writers, scholars, experts, students and athletes and to promote the good practices and success stories of Colombia in the strengthening of foreign affairs and promoting a positive image of the country abroad. Through this link you can learn of some calls through alliances with Colombian and foreign organizations.


As a cooperation mechanism with countries and interaction with civil society, UNESCO calls for applicants or candidates for grants, scholarships and contests. As appropriate, the Executive Secretariat of the National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO disseminates these calls and establishes partnerships with local organizations to manage them.  One of the most important of them is Mondialogo, since its various purposes include the promotion of greater awareness of cultural diversity, the mobilization of schools to take an active role in intercultural dialogue and the improvement of education quality.