Italo-Latin American Institute of Rome (IILA)

The objectives of the Italo-Latin American Institute of Roma (IILA) are contained in Article 1 of the Convention, as follows:

  • to develop and coordinate research and documentation regarding the problems, achievements and prospects of its Member Countries in cultural, scientific, economic, technical and social contexts;
  • to disseminate the results of the above research and documentation among its Member Countries;
  • to identify, also in the light of the above results, concrete possibilities for exchange, mutual assistance and common or concerted action in the above mentioned sectors.

In accordance with its institutional purposes, IILA works for the cooperation between Italy and Latin America through different activities and initiatives:

  • Delving into the topics of greatest interest and relevance in the context of Latin America's relations with Italy and the European Union.
  • Projects of interest for member countries in the field of cooperation for development carried out with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Promotion and intensification of economic, social, scientific, technological and cultural cooperation between Italy and Latin America. 
  • Activities to promote awareness of Latin America in Italy.
  • Promotion of thematic International and multidisciplinary meetings, such as the National Biennial Conferences Italy - Latin America.
  • Information on Latin America through publications and activities organized by the Centre of Studies and Documentation, as well as the varied offer of the Library.

IILA is a Permanent Observer at the General Assembly of the United Nations and for the development of its activities, it has the support of other inter-governmental agencies, institutions and specialized entities that deal with Latin America  such as: the European Commission, UNESCO, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Organization of American States, the Latin American Integration Association, the Latin Union, the Latin American Economic System, the  General Secretariat for Ibero- America and many others.