Colombian Migration

The growing importance of migration internationally has moved the Colombian Government to take up the challenge of creating a public policy for Colombians living abroad; and today, the policy has been revived in the 2010-2014 National Development Plan “Prosperity for all”.  Thus the issue becomes a transverse support for other policies, to deal with the need to continue efforts to promote the characterization of the migrant population, the management of labor migration and the expansion of social services for migrants. It also addresses the need to develop strategies to facilitate and accompany the return of Colombians to their home towns.

The sensible management of remittances,  and support to help Colombians abroad to deal with the financial system by lowering transactions costs has also become a priority for the Government; today, it is included in the 2010-2014 Development Plan as one of the strategies for sustainable growth and increased national competitiveness.

With these strategies in mind, the aim is to attend to the needs of  3,378,345 Colombians living abroad and improve the quality of life for them and their families. It is important to understand too that this sector now forms an essential economic group: since according to the central bank Banco de la República, remittances to the home country totalled US$4,023 million in 2010.

The need to promote a migration policy has meant that the Government has had to work steadily for participation in multilateral and bilateral scenarios in order to provide better guarantees and better services for nationals.

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