Organization of American States (OAS)

Colombia is a founding member of the Organization of American States.

The creation of the OAS took place at the Ninth International Conference, held in Bogotá in 1948. That moment was decisive for the development of Pan-Americanism, with the approval of the Charter of the OAS, in which 21 countries of the Hemisphere, including Colombia, engaged in the conformation of the OAS to "achieve an order of peace and justice, to promote their solidarity, to strengthen their cooperation and to defend its sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence "(Article 1, Charter of the OAS).

The leadership of Alberto Lleras Camargo allowed the transformation of the Pan American Union into the creation of the OAS, by defending the importance of regional scenarios in the world and expanding significantly the political and institutional achievements of the Organization from its very beginning.

Colombia has had two national citizens as Secretary General of the Organization: Alberto Lleras Camargo (1947 - 1954) and Cesar Gaviria Trujillo (1994-2004).
Our country has been host to two regular sessions of the General Assembly of the OAS:  Cartagena in 1985 and Medellin in 2008.

Since the beginning of its membership to the Organization, Colombia has had a Permanent Ambassador to the OAS who heads our mission and represents the country in the Permanent Council and the different negotiations that take place there, ensuring that our interests and views are considered by the other member States and the Organization.