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Petitions, complaints, claims and denunciations

Please use this section to post claims, denunciations, suggestions or congratulations regarding Ministry’s services offered in Colombia and abroad.

The following are descriptions of each of our resources so that you can classify your request correctly and receive the reply you need.

PETITIONPetitions include respectful requests filed by individuals or legal entities, in verbal or written form, by e-mail or through any other suitable means of communication or data transfer, of particular, collective or general interest, provided that its object is not within the matters restricted by the Constitution or the law (Resolution 2278 of 2013).

COMPLAINT: A complaint is an expression of protest, criticism, dissatisfaction or disagreement about alleged irregular conduct of one or more public servants in the exercise of their functions (see Resolution 2278 of 2013).

CLAIM: A claim is the exercise of your right to demand, claim or request a solution or an answer a general or specific enquiry about our functions. (see Resolution  2278 of 2013).

DENUNCIATION: A denunciation is a report of a presumed criminal conduct on the part of r the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It can initiate an investigation that could lead to the imposition of a disciplinary sanction on the public servant involved in the facts stated by the complainant, if found guilty.

SUGGESTION: A suggestion is a piece of advice or proposal made by a user or organization to improve the services provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

CONGRATULATIONS: This is an expression of appreciation or satisfaction with the services offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If you require more information about a procedure or service offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please enter your details in the Contact Us Form.

Requests will be answered or resolved under the principles, terms and procedures of the Administrative Disputes Code to exercise the Right of Petition Right (Law 1437 of 2011, art. 14).

“The Ministry has provided two applications to attend to complaints, requests and claims: one is personal appearance at our Petitions, Complaints and Claims office 8:00 to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday, at Avenida 19 No. 98-03, Floor 7, or if you prefer, you may file your request by completing the online form” (see below)