Account rendering


The Foreign Affairs Sector invites you to participate in the Account Rendering event for the period August 2010- to date.

The public hearing shall take place on December 22, 2011, from 8 a.m. to 12.m. in Bogotá, D.C., Simón Bolívar Auditorium – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Calle 10 # 5-51

Consultation Document:        

Account-rendering report

Improvement Plan

Participation Methodology:

It serves as a forum to present the progress made in the main thematic axes of Colombia’s Foreign Policy.

Proposals and Questions must be sent by December 20, 2011 to the following email: [email protected]

The questions and proposals must include the following mandatory information: Name, ID card number, email or physical address, and the question or proposal.

The questions relating to the contents of the Consultation Document “Account-Rendering Report of the Foreign Affairs Sector” will be answered during the hearing.

The interventions of the summoning Entity and of those invited shall take place in the order established in the corresponding agenda.

On the day of the Public Hearing and during the time frame allotted to this purpose, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will answer the questions or proposals previously received.

If questions remain unanswered by the end of the corresponding time frame, the Entity must ensure the response will be sent by email as soon as possible, and this fact shall be recorded.

Once the Account Rendering Public Hearing has concluded, the evaluation form shall be distributed among the participants.

Upon completion of the evaluation consolidation, its results must be posted on the website:

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