Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A COP$ 200.3 billion budget was assigned to the Ministry for the 2010 term, of which 83.1% was executed, due to the fact that the average negotiated exchange rate was lower than the exchange rate used for costing the assigned appropriations, in addition to one previously approved item that was not executed.

The budget approved for the 2011 term amounts to COP$ 194.9 billion.

Personnel Expenditures: 95.2% of the total expenditures are used to fund payment of salaries, social security, payroll taxes and benefits of public servants, both in Colombia and abroad, as well as indirect personnel services (fees, compensation for technical services and other indirect personnel services, mainly for contracting of local personnel for the missions abroad).

Out of the total personnel expenditures, 79.5% are incurred abroad, and the remaining 20.5% are used to cover the local payroll.

The current average monthly payroll cost (as of 31 May 2011) for the staff working abroad is USD$ 3,999,646. This payroll is calculated in United States Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, Swiss Francs, Japanese Yens and Colombian Pesos (pesos are converted to dollars at the negotiated exchange rate) and its monthly distribution is as follows: (see tables showing participation by currency of the staff employed abroad).

Likewise, the year-to-date average monthly payroll cost of the 484 classified positions of locally employed staff amounts to COP$ 1,552,089,173.