Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

The IDB was founded in 1959 to finance the development of Latin America and the Caribbean. Luis Alberto Moreno, Colombian, is the current President of the entity.

The IDB currently has 48 member countries represented by the Board of Executive Directors. Headquarters are located in Washington, U.S.A. and has 26 borrowing member countries, in addition to a regional office in Asia and another in Europe.

These last five years have witnessed investments of over US$ 8 billion in Colombia with the support of the IDB, covering areas such as healthcare, technology, modernization, social investments and sanitation improvement, among others.

In 2010, public sector loans were approved, reaching US$520 million in 4 projects, including a loan to Familias en Acción for US$220 million and a US$20 million loan to the State for strengthening the National Science, Technology and Innovation System.,2837.html