Exhort or Judicial Commission

This is a procedure of delegation of authority to examine evidence issued by a Colombian authority, whether judicial or administrative, to a consular agent for the latter to undertake certain procedures with respect to a Colombian citizen for the purposes of a process or investigation.


  • A request in writing in the Spanish language and formally presented at the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bogota D.C., addressed to the consular agent who will carry out the procedures requested within the respective circumscription, stating their purpose and attaching the documents required.
  • If what is required is for statements to be taken,  the concrete facts must be specified for the interrogatory, attaching the respective questionnaire and stating the formalities to which such procedure is subject, if any.
  • Any other information considered useful for the Commissioner must be sent to the competent authority, including, if necessary, models for to be followed in the procedures.


This service is free of charge.

Address where service may be requested:

Carrera 5 No. 9-03, Bogota D.C., Colombia. Opening hours: 8:00 am - 12:30 m and 2:00 - 5:00 pm.