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A temporary student’s visa may be granted to a foreigner intending to study in public or private educational establishments recognized by the Colombian National Government, for a minimum of ten (10) hours per week, under a student exchange program or for work practice or internship as an academic requirement of the study program.


√    Payment for visa study: USD 50
√    Valid passport or travel document, in good condition and with a minimum of two blank pages.
√    Two (2) recent 3x3 photographs, facing the camera, in color and against a white background.
√    Photocopy of the admission or registration certificate issued by the educational establishment; or an authentic photocopy of the agreement between the sponsor entity and the educational establishment under which the latter assumes the commitment to accept the student covered by an inter-institutional agreement in the case of exchange students.
√    Photocopy of the resolution recognizing the legal corporate existence of the educational establishment and, if necessary, its operating license and registration with the competent educational authority of the study program to be taken by the student, and also in the case of a private institution which only provides informal education or also denominated education for work and human development. Official educational centers are exempt from this requirement.
√    A letter from the person with economic responsibility for the foreigner and documents showing the economic solvency or the holder or his/her parents or legal representative, or of the person guaranteeing the expenses of his/her stay in Colombia. Credit cards may be accepted as economic solvency by attaching the bank statement or similar document evidencing that the quota assigned is sufficient for the student’s subsistence.
√    Certification or evidence of the international body, public or private entity which granted the student’s scholarship. Likewise, the certificate of economic solvency of the holder or of the parents when the grant or scholarship is partial.
√    Authorization of the parents and designation of the person responsible for the student during his/her stay in this country, authenticated by a Colombian notary or consul in the case of minors. In such cases, the application, proxy or authorization, as the case may be, may be signed solely by his/her parents. In the absence of parents, the person responsible for the custody or personal care of the minor may sign. If the parents are not in national territory, the signature must be that of the person duly authorized by them or the corresponding authority.
√    In the case of a student/intern, a document certifying that work practice or internship is an academic requirement of the study program.
√    In cases of studies other than primary, secondary, technical, technological or university level, whether undergraduate, post graduate, master’s, diploma or university courses, a certification or document of the respective establishment, stating that the timetable is a minimum of ten (10) hours per week, must be presented.

Note: A beneficiary’s visa may be granted  to the spouse, permanent partner, parents and children who are economically dependent upon the foreigner holding a temporary student’s visa, following prior proof of the relationship or kinship. In such cases, the beneficiary’s occupation may only be that of looking after the home or a student. No other occupation may be authorized.


√    Payment for visa study: USD 15
√    Valid passport or travel document, in good condition and with a minimum of two blank pages.
√    Two (2) recent 3x3 photographs, facing the camera, in color and against a white background.
√    Civil registration or equivalent document showing the relationship or kinship, duly legalized or with an apostille, as the case may be.
√    Documents evidencing the economic dependence of the beneficiary with respect to the visa holder.
√    A letter in which the visa holder assumes responsibility for the beneficiary’s stay in and departure from Colombia. In the case of minors, the application, proxy or authorization must be signed by the parents and authenticated before a notary or Colombian consul.
√    Photocopy of the holder’s valid visa.
√    When the application for a visa as a beneficiary is presented to a Colombian consulate in the case of a permanent partner, the valid document evidencing the de facto marital union will be accepted according to the laws of the receiver country, which must be legalized or with an apostille, as appropriate.

Cost of visa:  USD 40
Places issued: Colombian Consulates abroad. Addresses at:


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