As a result of long-standing and close political, economic, commercial and social ties, Colombia has always been a natural ally of Europe. As a result of the exceptionally good communications between Colombia and the European countries, ties between the public and private sectors and civil society have grown progressively and significantly stronger.

Europe has become a benchmark for topics such as science, technology, development and social cohesion, as well as a source and destination of goods, services, persons, investment, knowledge and the arts. It is also a partner in the multilateral forums that address topics on the international agenda, and a consultant for the solution of the main problems affecting Colombia, both at the national and regional levels, all of which contribute to enhance Colombia's insertion as a player in the globalization process.

However, the new Colombian agenda toward Europe seeks to intensify and renew its relationship with that part of the world, by means of thematic and geographic diversification, with the purpose of generating socio-economic development, positioning Colombia as a global player and building a true strategic Transatlantic alliance.