Colombia, a country of prosperity and democracy

In the last decade, Colombia has succeeded in becoming the leader of the region, thanks to the strength of its institutions, the management and increased security in its entire territory for all of its inhabitants, but above all because of the capacities and enterprise of its people. The Colombian State is a firm, strong democracy with a long historic tradition within the region.

President Juan Manuel Santos’ new Administration aims to achieve a social pact to enable Colombians to build a better country based on democratic prosperity. This is its main axis for the creation of jobs to secure for all Colombians a safe income, decent work and the benefit of social security. Five driving forces were chosen for this purpose and they have boosted the economy under his Government: agriculture, social housing, mining, innovation and infrastructure. 
Moreover, Colombia has a great deal to offer the world. It is a country of mega-diversity, committed to the environment, renewable energies and bio-fuels. It is also a safe and exotic tourist destination. It forms part of the dynamic group of emerging economies known as CIVETS and is now considered a mining-energy power.  
Colombia has decided to support other nations and regions through international cooperation in different areas, in line with its experience and knowledge and including South-South Cooperation. It has also reiterated its firm commitment to the defense and promotion of human rights, with the firm democratic, ethical and human conviction held dear by the Colombian State.