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Principles: Colombia in the Security Council

To be a part of the Security Council as a non-permanent member gives Colombia the opportunity to provide constructive and equitable input to international peace and security. Colombia does not participate in the SC defending its own interests. Colombia’s participation is ruled by its basic and traditional foreign policy principles.  

With its participation, Colombia has been and shall continue to be guided by the basic premise that by preserving international peace and security, the Council acts as collective representative of the members of the United Nations. 
The principles guiding the actions of Colombia at the Council are: 
- Sovereignty 
- Political independence
- Non-interference and non-intervention in internal affairs 
- Pacific resolution of controversies
- Respect for international rights
- Promotion of human rights 
- Self-determination of the people 
Colombia works closely with the other Latin American and Caribbean representatives in order to promote and defend the values and interests of our region.  
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