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Cooperation in culture, education and sports

Bilateral cooperation

In Colombia, bilateral cooperation is governed by the framework agreements in culture, education and sports that have been signed with other countries.  The 46 agreements currently in force are executed through joint commissions that meet every two or three years, or by means of programs negotiated for a term of four years.

The joint commissions are the operating mechanisms of the cooperation framework agreements, involving a negotiation process for each category: technical, scientific, cultural, educational and sports cooperation, among others.

The Cultural Diplomacy portal of the Office of Cultural Affairs contains detailed information about framework agreements, joint commissions, programs, memorandums of understanding and other documents related to bilateral cooperation in culture, education and sports in Colombia.

Multilateral cooperation

The Office of Cultural Affairs supports the monitoring and fulfillment of commitments undertaken by Colombia in culture, education and sports as a member country of several multilateral agencies, and which have been assigned to the different offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

Moreover, the Office of Cultural Affairs provides support to the Caribbean Strategy, a Colombian Government cooperation program with the Caribbean Basin, in priority areas of bilingualism, technical education and culture,  with participation of government entities, civil society and international agencies, for the furtherance of social and economic development in the region by strengthening capabilities, exchanging experiences, building work networks and creating horizontal alliances. For more information about this program, visit

Fight against illegal trafficking of cultural assets

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in coordination with the Ministry of Culture and the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History, ICANH, works to protect the cultural heritage of Colombia and supports actions undertaken by the Colombian government  in the fight against illegal trafficking of cultural assets.

This task is carried out by the Office of Cultural Affairs which, through the Colombian diplomatic missions abroad, maintains clear communication channels and strong reciprocal cooperation ties with other States, for the defense of the cultural heritage of the countries around the world.

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