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This organization enters into and follows up bilateral and multilateral agreements for the orderly migration of Colombians abroad, creates strategic alliances to facilitate orderly, regulated migration, permitting Colombians to work and return home, thus promoting a scheme for knowledge and skills acquired abroad contribute to national development.

The foregoing is achieved under agreements with governments, inter-governmental bodies and the international private sector to facilitate the exchange of information on international work migration which results in orderly, regulated migration.

Within this framework, emphasis is placed on work migration programs that allow our fellow nationals to travel abroad through initiatives according to the Temporary and Circular Work Migration model, which articulates work in migratory matters of countries of both origin and destination, thus benefitting migrants, their communities and societies.

Specific objectives:

  • Actions with mayors’ offices and Departmental governments in the main migrant origin zones in order to prevent any negative effects of migration and to empower the effects of migration on regional development.
  • Assistance and follow-up of work migration programs implemented by Colombia; there are also activities to promote the signing of new work migration agreements.
  • Execution of bilateral or multilateral agreements on regulated and orderly migration.
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