Casos ante la Haya

Ahorre Costos




Participative workshops

  • 38 focus groups and 42 workshops on the Venezuelan and Ecuadorian borders have been held to date, including 10 with Indigenous and Afro-descendant communities.
  • Presence in 27 municipalities, 9 departments (mainly at the borders with Ecuador and Venezuela). 
  • Prioritization of problem situations where the local players set lines of action.

Establishment of lines of action:

  • Lines of action in the areas of education, health, agriculture, energy, sports, tourism, drinking water and basic sanitation have been established in conjunction with the local players and national government entities.
  • Lines of action in competitiveness, ITC and culture have been agreed upon with the local players and are currently under construction.

Project Formulation

  • As of July 2011 the team offers assistance in the formulation of projects for border subregions. The first group of projects formulated and made feasible by the competent entities of the National Government for subregions on the borders with Venezuela and Ecuador is expected to be complete by November 2011. 
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