Descripción del trámite en el portal único para realizar trámites del Estado en línea.

Description: To participate in an academic exchange program, art or trade training, or undertake studies different from primary, secondary or higher education undergraduate programs.

The visa can be granted for up to 2 years taking into account the activity that the foreigner proposes in Colombia.

In the event that the application is submitted on a personal or individual basis or with the endorsement and sponsorship of a natural person

Specific Requirements:

  1. Letter signed by the applicant or by the person endorsing the application that includes: Full identification of the applicant or the person endorsing the visa (as it appears in the passport or citizenship card), explanation of the connection to the foreigner, reason for the trip and statement of economic responsibility for accommodation and travel expenses of the person or the foreigner.
  2. Bank statements of the applicant or the person who endorses the application for the six (6) months prior to the visa application.
In the event that the application is submitted with the endorsement of one or more legal entities

Specific Requirements:


  1. Letter signed by the legal representative of the institution or company that includes:
    • Name of the institution or company, Tax ID Number (if legally incorporated in Colombia) and contact information.
    • Complete identification of the foreigner as it appears in the passport.
    • Foreigner’s agenda, activity and duration.
    • Connection to the foreigner and qualification or expertise.
    • Statement of economic responsibility for the foreigner’s accommodation and travel expenses.
  2. When the institution or company that endorses the application is private and incorporated abroad, it must provide a certificate of existence and legal representation or equivalent document.
  3. Demonstrate liquidity by presenting bank statements of the institution or company for the 6 months prior to the application. Public entities do not need to comply with this requirement.
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