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Marriage Certificate Civil Registration

  • Personal attendance of the informant
  • The informant must present his/her original citizenship card and a photocopy of same.
  • One (1) original copy of the Marriage Certificate or Registration issued no more than three (3) months previously.
  • One (1) original copy of the Birth Certificate of the Colombian bride or groom.
  • One (1) original copy of the identity document of each partner, which must be a citizenship card for Colombians and a valid passport for foreigners.

Note: This service is free of charge at colombian consulates abroad.

Please note that documents issued by another state in a language other than Spanish, must be translated by an official translator and have an apostille or be legalized, as the case may be.

Please also note that, if the registration is to be made before the Colombian consulate of the circumscription where the marriage took place, the consul can authenticate or validate the document without the need for either apostille or legalization.

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