Land Frontier: Colombia-Venezuela

Colombia shares a frontier of more than 2,219 km with Venezuela. These were undoubtedly the most complex and prolonged negotiations in the definition of limits with our neighbouring countries.

The delimitation was agreed in a series of instruments which included the Spanish Arbitration award of 1891, the arbitration of the Swiss Federation Council of 1922, and finally, the Lopez De Mesa Gil Borges Treaty of 1941, which put an end to the long negotiations.



  • "Treaty on arbitration "Juris" between United States of Colombia and the United States of Venezuela" signed in Caracas, Venezuela, on 14 September 1881 by plenipotentiary Justo Arosemena of Colombia and Antonio L. Guzman of Venezuela.
  • "Award in the question of Limits between the Republic of Colombia and the United States of Venezuela", Royal Palace Madrid, Spain, on 16th 1891, by the Queen Regent Maria Cristina.


  • "Arbitration Award of the Swiss Confederation Council", given in Berne, Switzerland on 24 March 1922 and signed by the president and chancellor of the Swiss Confederation.
  • "Treaty on Demarcation Frontiers and Navigation in Common Rivers with Venezuela", signed in the temple of Villa Del Rosario in Cucuta, on 5 April 1941, by plenipotentiary is Luis Lopez De Mesa and Alberto Pumarejo of Colombia, and Esteban Gil -Borges and José Santiago Rodriguez of Venezuela.


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