Land Frontier: Colombia-Peru

The frontier between the Republic of Colombia and the Republic of Peru is approximately 1,626 km long. The conversations for the signature of a limits treaty began very shortly after the liberation from Spain, and continued for a very long time, ending only in 1922.

The treaty, in addition to setting limits between Colombia and Peru, also provides:

  • That Colombia declares as Peruvian the territories comprise between the right bank of the River Putumayo to the east and the mouth of the River Cuhimbe , and the line established and marked as a frontier between Colombia and Ecuador in the basins of the River Putumayo and Napo, following the Treaty of limits made between the two republics in 1916.
  • That the countries reciprocally array and recognized in perpetuity the freedom of land transit and free navigation down the common rivers and their affluents and confluents.

The instruments which set the front frontier between Colombia and Peru are:

  • "Treaty of Limits and Free River Navigation between the Republic of Colombia and the Republic of Peru”, signed in Lima, Peru on 24 March 1922 by plenipotentiary is Fabio Lozano T. of Colombia and Alberto Salomon of Peru.

  • "Tripartite Act of Limits and Navigation between Colombia, Peru and Brazil," signed in Washington D.C. on 4 March 1925 by plenipotentiary Charles E. Hughes, conciliator for the United States, Hernan Velarde, for Peru, Enrique Olaya -Herrera, for Colombia; and Samuel De Souza- Leao Gracie for Brazil.

  • "Protocol of Friendship and Co-operation between the Republic of Colombia and the Republic of Peru" signed in Rio de Janeiro on 24 May 1934, together with the "additional act" signed that same day



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