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Land Frontiers


Colombia's land frontiers were the first to be defined, in order to establish the dimensions of our territory. This was a process that took more than 100 years, and, international limits were established with the neighbouring republics, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.

The work started with the old "Office of Longitudes" of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which subsequently became "Instituto Geográfico Agustín Codazzi - (IGAC)”

The definition of the limits of the Republic use natural accidents and imaginary lines. The natural frontiers or arcifinia are divided into watercourses or sources, watersheds, and the imaginary frontiers correspond to geodetic lines which are in turn divided into geographical parallels and meridians, and lines with different directions to those indicated by the cardinal points.


The Republic of Colombia has them frontiers with 5 countries


Brazil Ecuador




Panama Peru









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