Land Frontier: Colombia-Ecuador


The land frontier with Ecuador is some 586 km long. Negotiations to settle the limits continue, as with other countries, in a long process which began in 1830 with the dissolution of the former Republic of Colombia, composed of Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, and ended in 1916, when agreement was reached on delimitation.

Given that Colombia Ecuador settled their limits without having done so with the Republic of Peru, a country with which both maintained differences regarding large areas of the Amazon Basin, agreed in the 1916 treaty underwent variations as a result of subsequent agreements between Colombia and Peru in 1922, and between Ecuador and Peru in 1942.

The instruments which define the frontier between Colombia and Ecuador are:

"Treaty of Limits between the Republic of Colombia and the Republic of Ecuador" signed in Bogota, Colombia on 15 July 1916 by the Plenipotentiary Ministers Marco Fidel Suárez of Colombia and Alberto Muñoz -Vernaza of Ecuador.


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