Description: The foreigner hired to perform a position that we call fixed or long term can apply, because this considers the engaging of personnel constantly; they are usually indefinite term or which, being for a fixed period not less than a year, they have the possibility of renewal for equal periods.

The type M visa will be valid for 3 years. When the duration of the contract is less than three years, the M type visa may have a reduced validity.

Specific Requirements

  1. Submit the contract summary form.
    Note: The visa authority may require the presentation of the original contract when the information recorded in the contract summary format is not sufficient, it has inconsistency or requires clarification.
  2. Motivation letter from the employer.
  3. Bank statements of the employer for the 6 months prior to the application. When the employer is a legal entity, employer must demonstrate average monthly income of one hundred (100) legal monthly minimum wages in force. In the case of a natural person, employer must show average monthly income of 10 legal monthly minimum wages in force.

In the event that employers are bodies, entities or institutions of the Colombian State, International Government Organization, Diplomatic Missions or Consular Offices accredited in Colombia, they should only submit a visa application letter signed by the legal representative or whoever is acting on his or her behalf.