Colombia´s foreign policy is focused on the conservation and strengthening of institutions and policies which in turn responds to the pace of change in the international system. For this, the Government has placed special emphasis on growth and competitiveness, equality of opportunity and the consolidation of peace, aiming for greater regional integration and the diversification of relations and agenda.

At the same time, Colombia´s foreign policy seeks to draw attention to issues in which Colombia has developed capacities and potential. The State will continue to position its achievements as an international reference-point in the fight against World Drugs Problem, terrorism, institution building and the commitment to the defence and promotion of human rights.

Bilateral relations will be encouraged with countries that have not so far received sufficient emphasis, seeking novel mechanisms to improve political approaches, as to secure greater opportunities for trade, investment and technological exchange. At the same time, relations with our traditional strategic partners will continue to be deepened.



América Europa




Asia Pacífico África, Medio Oriente y Asia Central 





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