Establishment of diplomatic relations:

Colombia and Surinam established diplomatic relations on 24 June 1978

The Embassy of Colombia in Caracas is concurrent for Surinam.

Bilateral relations with Colombia

Despite its location in South America and not being an insular state, Surinam's historical, geographical and trading background clearly links that country with the Caribbean and, in particular, with the Anglophone Caribbean with African and Indian roots.

Other topics of binational interest

In addition to other global multilateral spaces, at the intra-regional level both Colombia and Surinam are members of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) and the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO). In December 2009, Jaime Bermudez, Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time, visited the Eastern Caribbean and in Surinam he was received by Minister of Foreign Affairs Lygia Kraag Keteldijk, with whom he held talks on binational security and cooperation, with particular emphasis on the Colombian proposals regarding projects related to the Colombian Strategy of Cooperation for the Greater Caribbean.

Treaties currently in force

  • Protocol for Bilateral Cooperation between Colombia and Surinam of 24 June 1978. In force since the date of signing.
  • Colombia – Surinam Cooperation Protocol in areas of technology, professional instruction and supply of machinery, signed on 22 February 1985.
  • Agreement of Friendship and Bilateral Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation, dated 11 November 1993. Enacted in Colombia through Law 280 of 23 May 1996. Declared constitutional by the Constitutional Court through Order C-682/1996.  The Colombian Chancellery notified the Government of Surinam with regard to the fulfillment of requirements, but did not receive a reply from that Government as to whether it had been ratified.


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