Establishment of diplomatic relations

Formal diplomatic relations started on 16 April 1968, shortly after the Island obtained its independence from Britain. However, historically, relations go back to the colonial period, when Simon Bolivar travelled to Kingston, at the time a British colony, from where he wrote his well-known "Letter of Jamaica" (completed on 6 September 1815).

The Embassy of Colombia is located in Kingston.

Bilateral relations with Colombia

Historically Jamaica has always been a good friend of Colombia, as well as an important trade and political partner. Jamaica carries significant weight in the Anglophone Caribbean and, by virtue of the Sanin – Robertson Binational Maritime Delimitation Treaty of 1993, Colombia and Jamaica share, not only a 600 km border, but also an important area of waters in the Atlantic, called "Common Regime Area” (ARC). Given the hydrocarbon potential of the ARC, both countries are highly motivated to increase their level of understanding and their will of cooperation. There are also important opportunities with Jamaica on the matter of binational security.

Also of paramount importance for bilateral relations are issues related to cultural and educational exchange and South-South cooperation. Other topics of increasing importance are those related to energy and cooperation in sports and tourism.

Bilateral Mechanisms

The Neighborliness Commission includes a subcommission named the Joint Commission for Colombia - Jamaica Cooperation.  On 19 November 2010, President Juan Manuel Santos and Minister of Foreign Affairs Maria Angela Holguin made a State visit to Jamaica, addressing issues regarding cooperation in security, increased trade and tourism, technical, scientific, educational and cultural cooperation and reviewing the work carried out by the two national hydrocarbon agencies over the past two years.

Agreements currently in force

  • Sanin – Robertson Maritime Delimitation Treaty between the Republic of Colombia and Jamaica. Signed in 1993.
  • Framework Agreement on Technical and Scientific Cooperation between the Government of Jamaica and the Government of the Republic of Colombia.
  • Cooperation Agreement on Tourism between the Government of the Republic of Colombia and the Government of Jamaica. Signed at Bogota on 22 April 1984.
  • Colombia - Jamaica Cooperation Agreement on Police Operation (02 May 2001)
  • Colombia - Jamaica Operation Agreement on Maritime Cooperation. (02 May 2001)
  • Cooperation Agreement on Oil Exploration within the Common Regime Area (ARC) of November 2008.
  • Memorandum of Understanding on the Exchange of Financial Intelligence related to money laundering and terrorist financing, signed between the Financial Information and Analysis Unit of Colombia and the Financial Investigations Division of the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service of Jamaica. Signed on 19 November 2010.
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