Establishment of diplomatic relations

Colombia and Guyana established diplomatic relations on 18 December 1970. Colombia had a resident Embassy in Guyana until December 2002. 

The Embassy of Colombia in Caracas, Venezuela is concurrent for Guyana.

Bilateral relations with Colombia

Bilateral cooperation relations with Guyana are included within the Agreement on Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation (Bogota, 3 May 1982).  The Fourth Joint Commission on Bilateral Technical and Scientific Cooperation met in Bogota on 26-27 June 2008 and established the 2008-2010 cooperation program.  The program is made up of 8 projects, including 4 which were reintroduced from the previous program, regarding education, modernization of the State, science and technology, and 4 new projects on agriculture, health, education and justice.

Colombia and Guyana are currently negotiating a new Binational Agreement on the fight against illicit drug trafficking in order to align the 1994 instrument with the terms of the United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances.

Other topics of binational interest

Guyana is the headquarters of CARICOM, a Caribbean agency in which Colombia is an Observer State. In addition to other global multilateral spaces, at the intra-regional level both Colombia and Guyana are members of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) and the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO). For this reason, in December 2009, Jaime Bermudez, Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time, visited the Eastern Caribbean and in Georgetown, the capital of Guyana, he was received by the local Minister of Foreign Affairs, with whom he held talks on the fight against illicit drugs and the Colombian Strategy of Cooperation for the Greater Caribbean.

Treaties in force between Colombia and Guyana:

  • Agreement for Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation between the Republic of Colombia and the Republic of Guyana (signed in Bogota on 3 May 1982).
  • Supplemental Cooperation Agreement on Tourism between the Republic of Colombia and the Republic of Guyana.  In force since 1997.
  • Exchange of Notes dated 22 January 2002, constituting an agreement for the reciprocal elimination of tourist visa requirements for Colombian and Guyanese diplomatic or official passport holders.
  • Agreement of Mutual Assistance for the Prevention, Control and Repression of the Trafficking and Use of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances. Signed in 1994.


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