Order of Boyaca

Created by Liberator Simon Bolivar to recognize the efforts and sacrifices of the combatants during the 1819 War of Independence. It is currently the highest decoration granted by Colombia to officers who have provided exceptional services to the Army, and the highest honorary decoration awarded by the Government to distinguished Colombians or citizens of friendly nations of Colombia, in recognition of personal merits and/or as a sign of international brotherhood.


Order of San Carlos

Created by the National Government, deeming it advisable to establish a National Order for the recognition of Colombians and foreign persons, members of the military or civil society, who merit appreciation from the Government or whom Colombia desires to recognize for special reasons.

National Order of Merit

Created with the purpose of establishing a national decoration to honor and praise national and foreign persons and institutions, which have distinguished themselves through exceptional service to the country, as well as those who have carried out exceptional acts of bravery or sacrificed their lives for the defense of national values.

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