National Intersectoral Commission on Migration

Decree 1239/2003 set up the National Intersectoral Commission on Migration (CNIM) as a body for coordination and guidance in the implementation of immigration policy.

This body is chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, or as delegated. The other members (or their delegates) are the Minister of Interior and Justice; the Minister  Defence; the Minister of Social Protection; the Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism; the Director of the Administrative Department of Security (DAS); the Director General of the National Planning Department (DNP); the Director of the Colombian Institute for the Promotion of Higher Education (ICFES); the Director of the Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad (ICETEX); and the Director of Consular Affairs and Colombian Communities Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

These are some of its main duties:

  1. To propose guidelines for the establishment and coordination of immigration policy;
  2. To coordinate related studies in the areas of demographic, economic, scientific, cultural, social, security, public order and health needs, which may affect national migration;
  3. To conduct studies of professions that may be considered useful or beneficial for this country, or that promote the strengthening of the research community here;
  4. To coordinate studies and make recommendations to the Ministry of Social Protection regarding the proportionality of foreign workers in terms of Articles 74 and 75 of the Labour Code and other regulations;
  5. To prepare comparative studies of Colombian migration policy with those of other States;
  6. To monitor the agreements or treaties and other international commitments made by Colombia, with an impact on immigration to ensure their implementation. Also, to monitor the domestic regulation on migration in order to issue the necessary recommendations for its proper application;
  7. To submit proposals on programmes for Colombians returning home;
  8. To create programs that allow the reconnecting of Colombian nationals with the country;
  9. To inform Colombians abroad about strategies concerning rights to protection and social security in order to safeguard employment history and other benefits which workers can access.

Currently an amendment to Decree 1239/2003 is about to be signed to include, the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of the Environment, Housing and Regional Development, the Family Welfare Institute  – ICBF - and Colciencias as permanent members of the CNIM. It also appoints the Coordination Group of the Group linking Colombians abroad - Colombia Nos Une programme -  as the Technical Secretariat of the CNIM.


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