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In the left menu you will find the different types of business visas abroad which may, depending on the type of activity that will develop in Colombia:


  • Visa NE1: For the alien entering the country with the purpose of conducting commercial and business actions, promoting economic exchange, investing and creating business.
  • Visa NE2: For the alien wishing to enter the country temporarily as a business person within the framework of current international instruments, among others: free trade agreements, partnership agreement and within the framework of the Pacific Alliance to further business’ management activities; promote business; develop investment; establish the business presence of a company; promote cross-border trade in goods and services or other activities that are defined in those instruments.
  • Visa NE3: For the alien wishing to enter the country as manager or representative of a foreign commercial or governmental office or whoever is acting as such for the promotion of economic or commercial trade in or with Colombia.
  • Visa NE4: For the alien wishing to enter the country as president or senior executive of a multinational company to make investments and build enterprise.


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