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“To progress towards democratic prosperity a greater diversification of Colombian international relations shall be necessary both, in the multilateral environment and in the search of new partners and strategic alliances within international scope”. Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia, August 2010.



To promote the national interest by strengthening and diversifying geographical and thematic coverage of foreign policy, and to foster links with Colombian citizens abroad.


By 2014, Colombia will have reinforced its political and cooperative leadership in the region, with a revised agenda vis-à-vis its traditional partners, expanded bilateral relations with regions such as Asia and the Pacific, and the provision of efficient and effective services to its citizens.



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the lead agency Administrative Sector for External Relations and is responsible, under the direction of the President, formulate, plan, coordinate, implement and evaluate Colombia's foreign policy, international relations and manage the service outside the Republic.



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will, in addition to the functions as provided in Article 59 of Law 489 of 1998, as follows:

1. Formulate and propose to the President's foreign policy of the Colombian state.

2. Run, directly or through various organizations and agencies, the Colombian state's foreign policy.

3. Evaluate the Colombian State's foreign policy and propose adjustments and modifications as appropriate.

4. Keep in attention to the needs and interests of the country, all order relations with other States and international organizations, directly or through diplomatic missions and consular offices abroad accredited Colombian.

5. To promote and safeguard the interests of the country and of its nationals from other States, international organizations and mechanisms and to the international community.

6. Acting as interlocutor, coordinator and liaison for all legal steps that are ahead between the government and the governments of other countries and with international organizations and mechanisms.

7. Participate in the formulation, guidance, integration and harmonization of sectoral policies and programs that fall within the various State agencies, when they relate to foreign policy.

8. Coordinate actions of various government entities at all levels and individuals when appropriate, with respect to international relations and foreign policy in the fields of politics, security, economy and trade, social development, culture, environment, human rights, international humanitarian law, science and technology and international cooperation, based on principles of equity, reciprocity and national.

9. Giving the concept prior to the negotiation and conclusion of treaties, agreements and conventions, without prejudice to the constitutional powers of the Head of State in the direction of international relations.

10. Participate in the negotiation process, with the cooperation of other national or territorial, if appropriate, of international instruments and tracking them, evaluate their results and permanently verify compliance.

11. Promote and strengthen the negotiating capacity of Colombia in relation to other subjects of international law.

12. Participate in the formulation and implementation of trade policy and trade integration in all its aspects.

13. Guide and develop international cooperation policy in its various forms and evaluate its implementation.

14. To create and define, in consultation with the relevant sectoral authorities, the level of delegations representing the country at international meetings of bilateral and multilateral.

15. Chairing the delegations representing the country, where provided the President of the Republic, in bilateral meetings and multilateral or entrust this function, as occasion requires place, to other entities.

16. Administer the Foreign Service of the Republic and take the necessary steps to operate in accordance with the guidelines and priorities of foreign policy.

17. Formulate, direct, implement and evaluate Colombia's migration policy and grant authorizations for foreign income to the country, in coordination with the Administrative Department of Security.

18. Formulate, direct, implement and evaluate foreign policy on integration and border development in coordination with sectoral authorities at the national and territorial, when appropriate.

19. Promote, coordinate, finance or co-finance the implementation of development programs and projects and border integration in coordination with sectoral authorities at the national, territorial and international cooperation agencies responsible for implementing them, according to what determined by the National Development Plan.

20. Develop and implement activities to protect the rights of Colombians abroad and to take appropriate action before the authorities of the country where they are, in accordance with the principles and norms of international law.

21. Apply the system of privileges and immunities to which is committed the Colombian state.

22. Filing for naturalization of foreigners and apply the national legal system as appropriate.

23. Authorize the issuance of passports and through agreements with other public entities, their issue, if deemed necessary.

24. Act as Technical Secretariat of Foreign Relations Advisory Committee.

25. Exercise other powers conferred by law or delegated by the President.


Code of Values

  • Loyalty: We show our loyalty working in the interest of the Nation, the Institutions and the public, to the benefit of Colombia, above any personal position.
  • Service Orientation: We are willing to provide kind and timely responses, solving the requisitions of all Colombian citizens, State entities, and our Missions abroad.
  • Acknowledgement of Merit: We value and acknowledge our officers’ efforts and encourage them to attain exceptional performance and excellent results.
  • Respect and Good Manners: We follow diplomatic courtesy, and show respect and good manners in all acts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Quality policy

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Rotating Fund, in furtherance of their functions and committed to the ongoing improvement of its processes will propose, lead, coordinate and execute the Foreign Policy through the timely, proper and efficient management of the resources and the Colombian Foreign Service, in order to achieve the positive insertion of Colombia into the international arena, and to maintain a competent and committed staff to fulfill the users’ needs.


Strategic Goals

  • Generate and use scenarios for the insertion of Colombia into global dynamics and issues.
  • Move forward in terms of effective incorporation into the integration and development axes.
  • Foster migration policies and strengthen consular services.
  • Institutional strengthening of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Implement tools and models that will allow improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the Comprehensive Management System [Sistema Integral de Gestión].
  • Develop and reinforce the skills, aptitudes and knowledge of the officials in order to achieve relevance, commitment and competitiveness with a view to facing the challenges and opportunities inherent to the International System.




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